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Instrumedica | Flowstar
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About This Project

Compact digital Uroflowmeter

Flowstar is a compact and portable digital flowmeter designed for practical everyday uroflowmetry, where ease of use, precision and low cost are top priorities.

Recording starts automatically when the patient starts voiding. Flow/volume scales can be adjusted and the pre-flow and post-flow times are user selectable. Siroky flow plots can be printed to diagnose normal or obstructed urinary flows.

The digital weight sensor can be mounted on a height adjustable uroflow stand, and/or placed under a micturition chair. The lightweight thermal printer unit of the Flowstar is connected by cable and can be up to 10 meters away from the uroflow sensor.

Flowstar Highlights

  • Automatic start-stop
  • Real-time print-out in portrait or landscape mode ! Reprint of report
  • Siroky flow plot
  • Flow and volume scales can be adjusted
  • User definable pre-and post flow time
  • Automatic artifact detection software
  • High precision digital weight sensor
  • Easy to clean

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