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15 May Sclerotherapy Injection Needles

Used for endoscopic injection into esophageal varices above esophageal junction Sharp-Bevel-Needle with JET-Pressure effect metal protection Especially developped needle to provide secure firm grip with inner tube and prevent possible leakage from the joint of inner tube and needle. All tubes are made of PTFE (Teflon)...

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15 May Multiband Ligator

Barrel with 6 bands Used for endoscopic ligation of Esophageal varices at or above gastroesophageal junction Fits on wide range of endoscopes Second last Band light colour Standard Band Ligator requires 9.5 to 11.2 mm endoscope diameter Paediatric Band Ligator requires 8.0 to 9.5 mm endoscope diameter...

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