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15 May Loop Basket

Used for Endoscopic Retrieval of foreign bodies from the Gastrointestinal Tract and to retrieve polyp through colono scope Shape: oval with flush port Sheath: PTFE...

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15 May Self expandable Esophageal Stent

Used to treat Tracheoesophageal Fistulas and expansion treatment of the Esophageal Stenosis caused by Esophagael Carcinoma, Chemical Injuries, Cardiac Carcinoma, Anastomatic stenosis, and other Traumas, which are surgical contraindicated. Made of NITI – Nickel/Titanium – radiopac – Stent silicone coated with 18 mm diameter Introducer System...

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15 May Monofilament Memory Baskets

Wire Guided Used to retrieve foreign bodies from Gastrointestinal Tract through the scope Handle light weight with flush port for Contrast-Drug-Flush Retains shape for longer time
Centrally located wireguide entrance Working length 230 cm
Compatible with working Channel 2.8 mm diameter...

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