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23 May Lithotripter

Pneumatic Stone Braker Marflow Digi MF-500 The Stone Braker for Kidney-, Ureter- and Bladder Stones Pneumatic, Digital, Microprocessor controlled With suction tube available ...

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23 May Jun-Air low noise Compressor Type 6-4

Marflow DIGI MF-500 Pneumatic Lithotripsy and Suction System Runs of any of the sources, Oxygene Cylinder Central Oxygene supply or Air Compressor Power and speed adjustments High speed Microprocessor Full digital system Light-weight aluminium handpiece Easy to assemble and operate Portable unit with travel bag ...

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23 May Percutaneous Nephrostomy Drainage Set ”MALECOT”

Percutaneous Nephrostomy Drainage Set ”MALECOT” A convenient complete set for percutaneous placement of drainage catheter – MALECOT design. Soft polyurethane material provides superior biocompatibility and drainage. Highly radiopaque for precise placement. 1 Set consists of: • MALECOT– Drainage Catheter 35 cm, plus straightener, usable length 30 cm •...

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