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15 May Manual Lithotripter

Used for Common Biliary Duct Stone Retrieval Lithotripsy Light weight with unidirectional movement
Sheath tip: Inner cutting edges to perform lithotripsy.
Outer tip: rounded atraumatic
Secure and firm fitting of SS Sheath with handle to facilitate retrieval-lithotripsy procedure...

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15 May Endolithotripter

Used for Stone Retrieval through the Scope
and for Lithotripsy to Crush Stones in Biliary Duct Light weight – with detachable flexible sheath and basket One way directional movement locking system Advantage: No need to remove endoscope for lithotripsy, can be done through the Scope under vision...

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15 May Sphincterotome

with Cutting Wire Papillotome triple lumen – wire guided Used for endoscopic cannulation of biliary ductal system and sphincterotomy Working length 200 cm
Cutting Wire S.S. Monofilament Guidewire compatibility 0.035” Tapered tip 5.5 Fr...

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